Testing times indeed… Before our Staff Challenge kicks off, we have to each do a series of tests to see where we’re at in terms of our fitness levels. Think of this as the “Before” part of the “Before and After”.  The tests were done on what’s soon to become my home turf: the SA Sports Science Institute’s RIPT gym.

I partnered up with Buntu – and you couldn’t find an odder couple if you partnered Paul Scholes with Kevin Garnett. I’m looking to lose weight; he’s aiming to bulk up.

The SSI guys kept our score sheets (they probably had a good laugh at my pull-up numbers at their weekly staff meeting), but here’s what I remember from my tests…

Stretches. Lots and lots of stretches. And then some weights. I bench pressed 80kg and squatted 90kg, which seems OK until you read that my bodyweight is a chubby 105kg. Unspoken Goal Number One is to reverse those numbers, so that at the end of the challenge I’m weighing 90kg and lifting 105.




Unspoken Goal Number Two is to improve my pull-ups from … um… zero to anything more than that.

Unspoken Goal Number Three is to get better at rowing. In our final test of the day, we had to go as far as we could in five minutes on the rowing machine. I got to 1115 metres… which I was pretty pleased with (just over a kilometre in five minutes), but which left plenty of room for improvement.

The challenge kicks off officially next week. Tune in then for a full breakdown of this RIPT thing that the SSI are launching.