There’s a reason why that image is so blurry.
No, it’s not because my phone is broken and I’m using my daughter’s.
It’s because that’s what the world looks like at 6.30am.



It’s a motivation thing, isn’t it? We can talk all day about the benefits of exercise, about how a solid cardio session will help you sleep better, about how a healthy lifestyle will help you live longer, about how your mood improves when you’re active… but none of that counts if you couldn’t really be bothered to do it.  Or – as happened this week – you hit a brick wall of distractions.

I booked in for three RIPT classes this week – that’s your maximum allocation, because your body needs to recover. (We can talk some other time about the pros and cons of doing, say, 90 minutes of running every morning and 90 minutes of boxing every evening for six days a week, added to regular yoga sessions.) Three mornings out of five sounds doable, right? Well…

Monday morning was OK. (It was Monday morning, after all.) The workout was good, and as I was getting changed afterwards I could see some actual ribs on my torso (in fairness, it may have been a weird shadow or a fat roll). So far, so good. And then the wheels fell off the wagon.

Over and above work, and children, and other commitments, I also had two varsity assignments to work on this week – so I had a couple of fairly late nights. Late nights and early mornings (especially early mornings where you have to drive across a mountain range to get from your house to your gym in time for a 6:30 class) don’t mix, so Wednesday’s class went ahead without me. I’d love to tell you I felt bad about it, but the honest truth is I flippin’ LOVED sleeping late on Wednesday morning.

By Friday morning I was completely burned out, and ready to call in sick (or just resign via SMS – whatever it takes, right?). This time, though, my better angels convinced me otherwise. I got to the RIPT class, had a stupendous workout, and feel all the better for it.

Point is this: there will be days, in your (what are we calling it?) “Body Transformation Journey” as in mine, where you just don’t feel like it. I’d love to tell you that those are the days when you should double your efforts and get your butt to the gym. But then I think about Wednesday, and I think: This is a 12-week programme. We’re only in Week 3. It’s OK to skip a day when you don’t feel up for it… right?