One of my favourite things about RIPT is the variety of the classes – and, by extension, the variety of the exercises. On any given day you could band stretches, bench presses, and partnered medicine ball chest passes. (In fact, that’s exactly what happened this past Monday morning…)


So here’s a quick rundown of some of the more weird/wonderful workout moves I’ve done so far at RIPT. You might want to work them into your own routine at some point.


Stand in the Power Position (back straight, knees slightly bent, Game Face on), holding a medicine ball with two hands. Lift it above your head, then throw it down – as hard as you can – onto the floor. Make sure it bounces back up to about chest-height. Nice and explosive. (One of the girls in the class put so much Game Face into it, she burst the ball. That’s the kind of commitment you want to bring.)


Go into a lunge position, remembering to keep your back straight, with your left foot forward and your right leg extended behind you. Then, in one hilariously un-graceful motion, jump up and land with your legs in the opposite order: right foot forward, left leg extended behind you. This is a good bodyweight/stretching/explosive move… but you do run the risk of looking like an idiot – especially if you land badly.

I used to hate thera-bands: they’re usually pink (or maybe I’ve just been going to the wrong classes), they usually involve on-the-floor stretching exercises, and they have the nasty habit of slipping off my feet, catapult-style, and slapping me in the knackers. The bands they use at RIPT are thicker and tougher, and they’re great for resistance stretches.

photo 5

Normal burpee, but instead of doing the push-up off the floor, you’re doing it off a large construction vehicle tyre. Burpees – as any CrossFit devotee will tell you – are sent from the Devil himself, to test your dedication to the Cause. Modified tyre burpees add an extra element to the fun.

Okay, so there’s nothing particularly weird or wonderful about this one, but please. Hear me out. I can’t understand why people still sit for hours on exercise bikes, with their heart rates barely ticking over. Unless you’re getting your butt kicked in a spinning class, exercise bikes just feel like a waste of time. Rowing machines? Different story.

photo 2

Yeah, it’s the duck walk. You go into a squat, and then, holding that position, you walk. One of the RIPT trainers (I’m pretty sure it was Chad) made this the final exercise in the Met Con section of a class a couple of days ago. I started out giggling at how silly we all looked, quack-quacking in a big circle at the Sports Science Institute, while the Dancercise Class watched in glee… but after a few steps, the burn kicked in. It was the best – or most effective – leg workouts I’ve ever done. (Even if we did look silly doing it.)