When we brainstormed this whole “Staff Challenge” malarkey, the idea was to give you (the reader) as much variety as possible. To do this, we (the MH team, represented by those handsome faces down the right-hand side) had to have a nice range of fitness goals.
As we went around the room, the goals became increasingly impressive.
“My goal is to lose 15 kilos,” said Lindsey.
“I’d like to run a half-marathon,” said Ian.
“I want to drop my body-fat percentage to single digits,” said Clinton.
Holy crap, thought I.
In preparation for the meeting, I’d planned on saying: “I want to drop down to a size 36”, in the hopes that nobody had noticed that I’ve been comfortably wearing size 36 pants since July 2010.
“I’m going to drop two pants sizes!” I declared.
The room went silent.
“You mean you want to go from 36 to 32?” asked Arthur.
“Impressive,” said my boss.
Oh crap thought I.
Since then, Wikipedia, Google and my own Sophist reasoning have convinced me that 36 to 34 is, technically, “two pants sizes”, so that’s what I’m aiming for, regardless of what the minutes of the meeting might tell you.
And that’s the marvellous thing about goals: they’re flexible.

(I, on the other hand, am not. My Sports Science Test has me registering a “Sit And Reach” score of 14.0cm, which suggests that I am physically barely able to tie my own shoelaces.)

I’ll be doing my workouts at home (again, for reasons of variety), so in a few days I will unveil the tools I’ve been using.
Stay tuned…