Ja, that old gun-belt chestnut.

But it’s true, it happened – this week I had to pull in my belt by a notch. It’s been a while.

I hate to admit it, but ever since I started the challenge I’ve been wondering when I’ll see results. Sure, I’ve been feeling the difference every week – tighter muscles, more energy and deeper sleep. But you can’t help wondering when you’ll SEE something. Anything. Just a sign that your five-day-a-week, no-pizza-no-beer sacrifice is paying off. Perhaps I’ve been writing too many cover lines with promises like “see results in 30 days”, so I needed some kind of physiological confirmation.

And Week 3 produced! This was a week of progression. Like a judo junior going for his brown belt, I moved up from the blue rubber band to the green one for assisted pull-ups, which I’ve never been able to do. Pull-ups are like the gold standard in the gym and there aren’t many workouts at Roark that don’t include the black bars that run the length of the gym. My NBF’s.

I won’t kid you, five times a week gets a little hectic but this little bit of motivation has boosted the cause. Also, the variety of the workouts and pace means I never feel like I’m getting into too much of a routine. I guess that’s what kills it for most guys – the endless routine of “if it’s Monday, it’s biceps”.

Getting through the first month really takes a lot of motivation and will power. For those of you taking on the Belly Off Reader Challenge, don’t let the hurdle of the first few weeks beat you. Keep your head down and power through. Every day adds up. See results in 21 days!

For me, this was a good week. We had some good office banter. Dylan’s detailed descriptions of his morning glory and breaking the circle of trust by publishing our lunch-time team talks aside, everyone is on track and getting on with it. This is going to be interesting…

If you’re looking for some added motivation, check out this great blog on the US Men’s Health site by Belly Off nutritionist Chris Mohr You’ll Never “Feel” Like It .