I was just getting into this running thing when I managed to roll my ankle on the more off-roadish sections on the tar that surrounds Molteno Reservoir in Vredehoek.

I used the R.I.C.E procedure in dealing with this injury; rest, ice, compression, Easter eggs, but I still felt niggles when I went out running.

I went to a physiotherapist who used an ultrasound machine to treat my ankle. She said it may have been a case of mild tendonitis, and she treated it with ultrasound therapy. The good news, though, is that I am not pregnant.

My running advisor Professor Andrew Bosch of the Sports Science Institute recommended that after resting it for several days I should run at a below-average pace (not unnaturally slow, though, as he says that can exacerbate the injury) for 30 minutes, rest a day, then another 30 minutes. I did this until everything was running smoothly, and then Prof Bosch tweaked my training program to make up for about 10 days of injury. Fortunately, he allowed for a week for injury or illness when he designed the program.

Last week I was back in my trusty adidas Supernova Glides for my first race, the Lighthouse Run – a 10km evening run on the Sea Point promenade. The Lighthouse Run is the Kate Hudson of races – flat but still quite nice to look at. It was thoroughly fun and they gave out medals at the finish line, which was a great ego-boost, especially when my standard confidence-enhancer is lapping middle-aged ladies and Egyptian Geese around the reservoir.

I thought my miraculous recovery from injury would spawn a Hollywood movie. I planned on calling it “My Left Foot”. Damn you, Daniel Day-Lewis. You’re always one step ahead of me. Well, not really in that movie.

ABOVE: A proposed movie based on my comeback from injury. Critics are using words like “great ” and “exhilarating” already.