Okay so I’ve been wearing these CAT Bruiser boots every single day for the last two weeks and I’ve realised something.

In the same way that driving an attention-grabbing car gets you interacting with all sorts of people all of the time, these boots make quite an impression, too, and I’ve had several guys stop and tell me about their CAT boots or the pair that they used to own. Which is cool, especially since I’ll probably never drive anything like the car I’m photographed with here.

I had the opportunity of getting up close to the Delorean from Back To The Future fame this weekend past, courtesy my mate Vleis, who recently gave up his gig as a corporate shill so that he could go his own way. Part of this new direction has Vleis building bikes every Tuesday and Thursday from his workshop, ANVL.

Now my other mate Warbot was one of Vleis’s first customers and Saturday was the grand unveiling. Well, about as grand as beers, bikes and boerewors rolls gets. Still, we all made our way out to Parow industria and once everyone was there the blanket was pulled off of War’s bike and although he didn’t act like the kids in Pimp My Ride do – OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDD!” – he did shed a little man-tear before proceeding to rev his new ride up and down the eerily quiet streets.

The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out Vleis’s collection of cars and taking turns on Warbot’s new bike.

Then Stanbridge, the fighting-general from that achingly-hip, dapper-dressed bike gang known as The English Tears, finally gave in and told me that I could take his bike for a burn if I could kickstart it. I couldn’t, but while I was trying to figure out the Thumper’s compression stroke we noticed that the nut from the bolt holding the engine in place had fallen off…

That’s when men with dirty, grease-stained hands, wearing steel-toe capped boots similar to mine, stepped in. I realised that it’s one thing looking the part, but something else entirely actually being able to get your hands dirty.

So I’m going to shoot up to ANVL more frequently and pass Vleis tools in order to learn a thing or two about getting my hands dirty. Hopefully some of the stuff will rub off on me. Worst case scenario: I get some grease on my new boots and look even more rugged when taking selfies with all the cars there.


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