In the 2014 Men’s Health calendar you will see random daily challenges littered throughout the months. These challenges are just small, uncomplicated little nuggets of fitness-fun that we are throwing you way. Now you could duck out of the way of each one as they whizz passed your head or you could put your big boy shoes on and smash it out the park. Which you decide to go with is completely up to you of course, but it does say a lot about you as a person… I’m just saying.

Now you might very well look at the blank 7×5 grid that is February and think “Why do I need to see how fast I can row 1km next Thursday ? I’m not going to the Olympics anytime soon. There’s no imminent flooding that I’m not aware of? So why should I do it?” Well I don’t have a solid reason as to why you should do it, but how about this – WHY THE HELL NOT?!

Challenges like these are what set us apart from the couch potatoes. These challenges are not going to ruin your current gym schedule, they’re not going to throw your work week out of whack. They take a minute (two minutes tops) to complete and you’ll actually be surprised by how addictive, fun and informative they are. Think I’m joking? Last Wednesday we had to do the pushup challenge in the office. We filmed it and uploaded it. By the end of the day people on complete opposite ends of the office were doing it and ultimately challenging their colleagues.

Check out the video I was talking about over here and give it a go. See how many you can do in 60 seconds and tweet/fb your score with the hashtag #MHCalendar.

So don’t be too scared or uninterested to take up a challenge. When one comes your way, meet it head on and see what happens. Chances are you’ll learn form the process and feel better about yourself for having done it. And if you can’t think of a good challenge then start with our calendar. Everyone needs a starting point and this can be yours.

Oh and watch this video below on how to do a proper pushup. It will blow your mind how many people don’t do them the right way.