If you want to get better at anything, you need to get a little uncomfortable. 

It’s a life truth. You’ve heard all the platitudes and cliches about comfort zones and challenging yourself. But if you’re willing to push yourself, and focus on getting through the tough part with all the self-doubt and fear, that’s where the magic starts happening. It’s not just for training and sports, it applies to anything you do in life.

Case in point, Alex Honnold and his goal of beating the immense El Sendero Luminoso. Rated at 5.12d on the Yosemite Decimal System (making it one of the most demanding ascents anywhere), it stretches some 1,500 feet vertically. On January 15th, Alex Honnold made the first-ever free solo climb of the big wall – with no safety equipment or other climbers (click on the El Sendero Luminoso link below). It may be difficult to watch, especially for those that don’t like heights, but man you have to admit that it’s incredible to watch someone that’s truly at the top of this sport, and pushing his limits to achieve what other people can only dream of.

The question for you is, what is going to be your next Honnold moment? When are you going to scare yourself a little? Pull on the big boy pants, and start searching for your own El Sendero.

El Sendero Luminoso