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Sure, you can wear shorts with your boots if you’re a die-hard metal fan like my friend Khimal is. Likewise you could rock them with a suit if you were so inclined. However, my uniform of choice, at least when it comes to things worth wearing with these boots, is denim.

Denim is a boots best friend.

Once you’re done making your Benoni-Tuxedo jokes I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m actually wearing triple denim in these photographs and was just a Chambray shirt away from a foursome.

Crazy, right?


As long as you’re not too matchy-matchy with whatever you’re wearing then it’s cool. So I’ve gone for a really worn in pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. My jacket is selvedge and the Jim Phillips trucker vest that I’m wearing over that is dark denim.

Having built a bulletproof cupboard means that I only really need to change my underpants, shirt and socks every day. Then Layers can be added or subtracted depending on the weather and where I’m going.


denim jacket