I’ll be wearing a pair of Cat Bruiser boots for the duration of winter and blogging about it here. Look out for the sponsored post’s yellow border for schooling in everything that you need to know about being a man of style and substance.


Lets go…

World War 2 gave us the Voortrekker boot, introduced into western desert warfare by SA divisions of the English Army, and the Chupplee sandal, worn by Indian troops on the North West frontier, which came together in 1950 to create the Desert Boot. Jeans ushered in cowboy boots, Chelsea boots married nicely with formal suits and motorcycle gangs made the biker boot a thing.

So today we’re spoiled for choice. Still, I’ve never really been one for boots. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a temperate climate where we just wore socks with our shoes in winter, or that I didn’t have to go to the army, or how I opted for Chuck Taylors when it came to my ‘90s Grunge uniform… Because of this the only boots I’ve owned are football boots, but in order to be a grown-ass man I’ve agreed to wearing a pair of boots throughout winter.

Which is absolutely fine with me because not only are they uber-masculine, the footwear favourite is bigger than ever this season. Already I’ve noticed guys in the office wearing everything ranging from luxurious patent leather styles to military lace-ups to work boots. There truly is a style for every occasion.

However, what works for one guy won’t necessarily work for another, so when choosing a boot one must first consider what you’ll be wearing with it. I don’t do dressy, and so being strictly a jeans and t-shirt guy I opted for something casual.

The CAT Bruiser is not only utilitarian, it’s as versatile as bacon. I can hike in them, bike in them, wear them to work, walk the dog in them, get past the club’s velvet rope… (Okay, I kid, I don’t go to clubs, but I do remember the last time I did I got bounced for wearing sneakers. With these I should be a shoe-in!).

First impressions? I’m taller than usual. Then, because of the heft of these boots my walk is more purposeful, I don’t drag my feet as much as I used to, and I’m more grounded. But it’s only been a week and I’ve committed to wearing these for the rest of winter so stick around to see how that goes.

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