So I’m not the fittest guy in this challenge – or in the top 8. Hell I got trashed by Mark around an oval track and the guys like 50 (ok not really 50 but I’m rounding up). Yes – I was a smoker, yes – I hated any form of cardio and yes this is my second Staff Challenge. I also preferred fizzy drinks to water and I’d find myself opening happiness in the middle of the night.

The day Mark beat me changed my life. I realized as Mark sprinted past me that not only do I need to stop smoking and get into shape but I also need to take this challenge a lot more seriously than I did last year (which in my eyes was one of my greatest failures – and no writing a thesis and planning a wedding was not a valid reason for me to go this far off track.)

So on the first day of the challenge I decided to quit smoking, and start running – I loved smoking and hated running. My running was more of a brisk walk than a run and it took me 20 minutes to run 2.5kms (that’s how much I sucked at it). What am I talking bout, I still suck at it, but every week I’m running faster and further. I also found that if I run alone on the beach or on the road I tend to talk to myself – somehow this helps. It’s been 3 weeks since Mark out ran me, 3 weeks since my last cigarette, 3 weeks since I drank fizzy drinks and I’m 3 weeks closer to taking out the Ginger Haired Man.