An important thing to remember about muscle memory is that while the fibres may recall the technique, it forgets that it doesn’t have the strength required to complete the move. I was reminded of this when my supporting elbow gave way while completing a rear tripod extension.

In the few seconds I lay on the floor, wondering where my strength had gone, I was amazed at the flexibility and strength of the 50-year-old woman a couple of yoga mats down from me. I reassure myself that I’m carrying probably double her weight and take my trainer’s advice to “do what you can”. I reassume the start position, thrust my pelvis to the gaping heavens and resign the “tripod” bit of lifting one arm off the ground to “maybe next week”.

My name is Lindsey Schutters, I’m 28-years old and after 20 minutes of my first 40 minute bodyweight training session, every weak muscle has been thoroughly exposed and is screaming in protest.

Losing 15kg is hard enough, but when you take a dislike of traditional gyms into account, it gives you a better understanding of my predicament. I have friends who have lost a small human off their waistlines, but the method of lifting a bazillion kilos and living off of protein shakes, oats, chicken breasts and broccoli isn’t really my thing. I like food and don’t want to turn into a supplement junkie. So I’ve decided to take the natural approach.

The only equipment I use at the Bodyweight Trainer gym ( in Somerset West is a yoga mat, the rest is all interesting suspensions and presses using the extent of my 120kg bulk. That plus my regular morning running sessions and a real food diet will have me down to 105kg or less in 12 weeks (or my wife’s money back).