Does size matter? As the guy responsible for answering your social media queries, I’d say yes, as penis size is a recurring topic.

So fret not, you’re not the only guy worried about that piece of flesh dangling between his legs, and you might be relieved, or even more depressed, to hear that according to new research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that the average length of an erect penis is, wait for it, 15 centimeters.

A team of researchers led by Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. asked 1,661 American men to accurately measure their penis length (from the underside base to the tip) and girth at home. The researchers told the testers to measure themselves when fully erect as well as report how they got there.

This information is especially important as it confirms that foreplay is, ahem, huge. Those dudes who received oral sex as a means to get hard reported significantly larger numbers than the men who only fantasized. So if she’s a size-queen tell her that she can play her part by strapping on some knee-pads.

The study reported varying erect penis lengths between 5 and 25 centimeters long, and girth ranging between 3 and 18 centimeters. So it takes all types. Still, nobody wants to be at the bottom of that scale, especially Patrick Moote, whose girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal due to him not having enough flesh on his pole.

In the cockumentary Unhung Hero Patrick sets out to expose this extremely personal chapter of his life, confronting ex-girlfriends, doctors, anthropologists and even adult film stars. From witch doctors in Papua New Guinea to sex museums in Korea, Patrick has a lot of turf to cover in this globetrotting adventure, which finally answers the age old question: does size matter?