Before I started working at Men’s Health I used to make jokes about abs and creatine in the water cooler and that sort of thing.

Yesterday, while eating lunch with my new colleagues, my new friends with benefits, I realised that I’d become that guy. We spent a full hour discussing pushup variations and the benefits of a high-protein diet. And you know what? I don’t care. Especially if the alternative is being fat or dying.

If you’re trying to lose weight you’ll be more motivated if you surround yourself with friends who are also trying to shed pounds. Because my new colleagues, my friends with benefits, all hit up the gym at lunchbreak, I no longer surf YouTube clips at my desk. And when they all order salads, I can’t exactly go for the Gatsby either… Yes, we still do after work drinks. They’re just Castle Lites now. And nobody orders the snack basket. We’re just normal dudes with single-digit body-fat and guns that could stand in for the 12-o-clock cannon.


I read in a back issue that a person’s chances of becoming obese increases by 57 percent if a friend became obese; by 40 percent if a sibling became obese; and by 37 percent if a spouse became obese. If your friends eat healthy and exercise, then this social pressure is likely to lead to your eating healthy foods and engaging in physical activity. The more people in your social network trying to lose weight, the more motivated you’ll be to lose weight. You see where this is going…

You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas… And so while I’ve set out on my fitness path I’ve also encouraged my wife to do the same, my friends to follow suit and if you’re reading this then I would like you to click this.

Because I worry about you, dear reader.

So there you have it, the advice is clear: If you’re trying to lose weight, surround yourself with like-minded people who are into healthy eating and regular exercise.

The thing is, I need to up my game. I noticed earlier just how seriously some of my colleagues, my friends with benefits, are taking this Team Fit Challenge of ours.

Scroll through the pics and you’ll see that Jason has two kitbags in his office,

Mark’s smuggling a Weigh-Less box,

Arthur’s got umpteen nrg-drinks on his desk and

Clint has tubs of muscle-mass at his feet.

So it’s like that, eh?

I’m drinking raw-eggs for breakfast as of tomorrow.

10 weeks to go…

Pfft, bring it boet!