My apologies for the lack of blogging, I think I’ll blame it on my growing arms which are constantly in pain after a hard session. So hard to the extent that I’ve been seeing my protein-filled breakfast after each workout, ok well not after each workout. I’ve been in a hiatus for a couple of weeks (shoots, style guides, travels and events) this however doesn’t mean I’m not part of the MH Fit Wolf Pack.

So my first month was focusing on getting the basic movement patterns right. And ensuring good technique and range of motion, as well as introducing me to weight training:

Month 1 Strict isolation
Targeting the specific muscle groups I wanted to improve. I began each session with heavy compound movements. Deadlifts, barbell cleans, barbell front squats and back squats. My biggest accomplishment, which I’m happy to share, is that I’ve managed to do four sets of 12 high-pulls on a 32kg kettle bell!

Month 2 Multi planar movements
Tried to sync my body up as one muscle rather than isolated muscles working alone. Why? “Because this is how your body would function in everyday life.” says my sensei Nick @ . “Our bodies are an interweb of muscles working together, so it only makes sense to train this way.”

With that I am happy to announce that I’ve packed on three kilos in the 1st month and yet to weigh myself for the second month. The consuming of the 5 to 6 meals a day and protein shakes (yuk) are challenging. But most of all the biggest challenge is to challenge myself. To be continued …