Late afternoon slumps. Early morning alarm clocks. Sitting in traffic to get to gym.

There all kinds of reasons not to train. Hundreds of them. There’s physical ones and mental ones too. It’s so easy to just skip the session and end up with a remote control in one hand and something containing sugar in the other. But however many reasons they are to skip a session, there are more reasons for sticking to the schedule. To putting in the hard yards. Regular exercise makes life better for you. You’ll live a longer, happier life – no drugs, surgery or medicine needed.

To help you stick to your routine, you need role models. And the best people for this job are athletes. They can’t afford to skip training. Being on top of their game is a job requirement. It earns them more money so they can feed their families. It keeps them from the Doctor’s waiting room, and most importantly, they do it because they love it. Here are three clips you can watch to escape from the Slump, to learn from the athletes and for pure motivation.

1. The Definition of A Champion: 

2. Rise and Shine:

3. How Bad Do You Want It?: