My trainer says my form is improving. He says that once the technique is perfect, the moves will flow more naturally. My abs hate what he says. My forearms hate what he says. And yesterday, I hated what he said. He’s also a glutton for punishment, as you’ll see in the attached video, so what does he know anyway?

Bad days happen. Yesterday was a bad day.

It was my own fault, though. Apparently red wine, cake and pizza do not workout fuel make. Yes, I’m still eating cake. But that will stop soon. Well, not stop entirely, but be cut down drastically – anything to make the self-loathing stop.

Mind you, it isn’t my fault entirely. I’m not on an eating plan yet. And I have asked for one. Maybe they’re trying to test me… Luckily I know the nutrition philosophies that Karl van Lith (owner of Bodyweight Trainer) draws from and so I’m taking matters into my own hands – and even taking a religious angle with it. My wife and I are giving up wheat and its high glycemic index for lent.

Not impressed? Take a moment and think about all the products that contain wheat. It’s pretty much anything that contains flour. I’m a fat kid, even 50 Cent knows how much fat kids love cake. Cake is made up of like 90% flour.

Now tip your hat to my super-supportive, long-suffering wife because she didn’t even ask to be part of this. And she’s even taken the initiative to enter us into a few fun runs so that I don’t feel like I’m going it alone. I love that woman.

(Sorry for boring you with all that, these endorphins are making me a bit flaky. Normal broadcasting will resume immediately.)

The ultimate aim is to go entirely grain free for the last couple of weeks of the challenge, which slightly messes with my whole “real food” ideal, but at least I’ll still be able to drink beer and eat braaivleis. And bonus points for Paulaner Brauhaus closing their V&A Waterfront restaurant, because their golden delicious Weissen would’ve been my downfall.

Food and drink was always gonna be my biggest challenge. However, I’ve already seen the benefits of my training in my running, so maybe adjusting my diet will multiply those benefits. Until then, here’s that video of my trainer Peter Jokumsen breaking himself in the “Trial By Fire” – something I’ll attempt at the end of the MHTeamFit challenge (with the obligatory video). Oh, Peter’s actually a really cool guy with a genuine smile. He also happens to be my tormentor, so he is in the firing line. Sorry Pete.