One month into the Men’s Health TeamFit challenge and all I have to show for it is a goodiebag, constantly aching muscles and severe exhaustion. Yep, no significant difference and no energy boost. I’m starting to think that this whole fitness thing is one big scam.

See, I used to be a pretty committed sportsman. Hockey, specifically, was my game of choice. Well, more rugby, but a few serious injuries in primary school and the bizarre growth-spurt ‘kaners go through in the summer holiday before standard 6 put me off that.

The point I was trying to make is that I know the benefit of hard work and my body isn’t averse to a bit of exercise. I’ve also been described as quite “resilient” and “tenacious”, so I don’t quit easily. But that still doesn’t stop me from calling bullshit.

My trainer Peter, bless his soul, is doing all the things my high school cricket coaches used to do… You know, lending encouragement to a hopeless case and stuff – I’m crap at cricket. “Remember how you couldn’t even hold that stretch a few weeks ago?” “Good, you’ve really come a long way.” “Focus on the small victories.”

Ah, the small victories… My pants fitting a little more loosely, shaving 6-minutes off of my 3-K time, actually looking forward to running days because only one predictable muscle group hurts afterwards… All very admirable, but not the huge gains I was expecting after putting in all this effort.

Also, the sugar cravings are now starting to take effect as my body finally wakes up to the distinct lack of wheat. Those are the worst because it feels like you’re doing yourself an injury. Scratch that, it feels like I’m killing myself when I turn down a a slice of cake (Mmm… cake…).

Then there’s the exhaustion and lack of concentration. I thought it was over-training, but apparently it’s normal and I have another couple of weeks before the energy kicks in.

The support I’m getting from my wife, family, friends and acquaintances, however, is humbling. I never thought that a bone-headed idea like trying to transform my body could illicit such a positive response from people. A massive shout-out to all of you!

It’s a kak jol and I haven’t crested the wave yet, but I’ll push on. Despite all the difficulties (that’s the old tenacity speaking). Maybe I’m weeks away from big gains, maybe I’m years away (it took me about a decade to do the damage)… Who knows.

One month down, two to go.