Every time I make a sudden movement, or apply pressure at a certain angle, it feels like a poacher has mistaken my shoulder for a perlemoen and is working it like it’s his big payday. For real, this is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone, even if they stole my iPod!

I’m prone to a bit of tendinitis and, realising that I’ve been under some stress lately, I wrote it off as that. Usually Ibuprofen and Voltaren gel sort me right out and then i just need to remember to wear a t-shirt to bed. This time is different. It’s been two weeks since I first felt the familiar twang, and still no relief.

So I call up my physio and she says “maybe it’s some bursitis” and follows up with “you should come in for a cortisone injection.”

I have many irrational fears which mainly include dangerous animals like scorpions and cows, but my aversion to a cortisone shot is as strong as any of them (I kinda conquered my cow phobia last week, yay!). Some of you might be snickering, but I’m not one for having hot lava shot directly into my body. And I’m asthmatic, so I’m all about the steroids, but not via needle.

So I contacted another physio and had an exam. The supraspinatus is one of four muscles that make up the rotator cuff, and mine is overstimulated.

The hang clean, as you’ll see in the video below, places a high premium on technical movements. The shoulder shrug is important because that’s the bit that moves the bar high enough for you to shoot underneath it. When we did hang cleans, I was already suffering some discomfort from shoulder tension and should’ve steered clear of this move.

Then the next workout was holding a weight overhead, and my shoulder was already aching.

Bottom line: the doc says it should heal fine and I should let the discomfort be my guide. I slept through for the first time last night and I can at least lift my daughter without any shooting pain, so I guess I’m healing.

As I said before, don’t train injured – even if it’s a small injury.

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