Now that our #MHTeamFit Challenge is officially over, I really hope that everyone keeps up with their training.

Well not everyone, because I couldn’t care less if Ian stops collecting marathon medals and Azeez shrinks back to flyweight and Hishaam stops coming by my desk every other morning with some sort of sparring story…

Who I do care about is my boss, Jason.

When I first started working at Men’s Health I had the de rigueur three-month probation period and therefore had to start each day by placing an apple on Jason’s desk. And because Jason loves his job he was always the first person in the office, meaning that I had to get in even earlier to drop off that apple.

Then he started working out and working office hours.

Which makes things easier for the rest of us. Especially when you’ve missed a deadline and you side-track him by asking about pull-up technique or advice on protein shakes.

Even better is that he’s now roped in the other power-player – Creative Director, Robert.

Now Jason and Rob were never in the running to star in a local version of Horrible Bosses, but the psychology states that if your boss is exercising regularly it makes for a more pleasant working environment.

Researchers interviewed 98 employees and their respective bosses, whereby employees were asked to rate their boss’s supervision for abusive behavior and bosses were asked to rate their own stress level and report how much exercise they got. As the level of a boss’s self-reported stress rose so did employee-rated abusive supervision. But stressed bosses who reported doing even a moderate amount of physical activity were less likely to be seen as abusive by their subordinates.

So the road to a happier life is simple – do a quick whip-round and buy your boss a gym-contract already.