Sonia Esgueira is that rare unicorn of a woman – funny. I dunno why, maybe it’s because I’m a sexist pig, but most women just don’t make me LOL. Okay well obviously those girls working at Women24 do, the way they think they’re fighting social injustice by whining on Twitter all day. HILARIOUS!

Maybe I’m being unfair here, but for every Sarah Silverman and Anne Hirsch there’s one hundred other birds butchering the joke by giving away the punch line in the setup, or interrupting a joke by asking, “I don’t get it, what’s an aqua-lung?”

Maybe it’s because all the girls that I choose to hang out with don’t need to be funny, they all rely on their looks, whereas the guys that I’ve befriended, them without the abs and a chiseled jaws, need to at least memorize a few Jimmy Carr lines and do a funny walk in order to be socially accepted.

Anyway, enough about me, Sonia is hilarious, especially in her one-woman play Love and Prozac. But like the tears of a clown, deep down there’s some real sadness there, which she unpacks through her humour.

Our laughs come at her expense. Sadly, Sonia just can’t find love. Which is probably because Sonia goes around looking for love in all the wrong places. And I should know, I once made knee-trembling love to her and ever since then she’s been acting like a love-scorned, bitter ex-girlfriend.

Hell, she even named the douchebag in her play, Dylan.

Fame at last!

Don’t believe me?

It’s on at The Baxter Studio from 13-31 May.

Watch it.