I had a proper cheat over the Easter weekend. Cake, pudding, alcohol, Wimpy breakfast… I was a man possessed. But you know what? I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it more because it wasn’t as much of a binge as it was a celebration.

See, it was my daughter’s Christening on Sunday, she tasted her first Wimpy breakfast on Monday and Friday kicked off with a farewell party for my wife’s cousin – after I figured out what all the hype around “on-the-minute” was.

Public holidays are great because there isn’t a mad rush to get to my training session and I can fuel up and mentally prepare. But nothing can prepare you for on-the-minute.

Here’s a quick explanation: much like AMRAP, on-the-minute is a loop of 5 exercises, with three reps for each – that’s one round. You need to complete a round in under a minute because a new round starts at every minute beep and you are responsible for your own rest. Out of the 15 minutes, I probably completed 12 rounds.

My trainers have anointed April as “shake things up” month, so they’re exposing the class to different timing protocols and a greater scope of the training system. This is not a terrible idea, but they’ve also decided to focus on the large muscles, you know, the ones that you need to do trivial things like walk or drive, or stand. If this was week one, I would’ve ran for the hills!

I cheated in class on Monday night too. I arrived midway through the warm-up routine, found out I walked straight into a 20 minute AMRAP session and was handed a 12kg kettlebell. Before I knew it, I was doing Figure 8s and waiting for Joey Greco and the camera crew to expose me and my ‘bells as a “bodyweight” fraud. It was only for one exercise in a 4 move round, though.

All my cheating taught me a great lesson, though. Today I type this blog post with a sore arse (Gluteus maximus), strained thighs (Vastus lateralis), a molten core and a happy heart. Happy because I had a fulfilling weekend which started and finished with a great workout. I may even try and better my 5-K time tonight, who knows? It’s all about balance.