Arrrrgh, the test. Today we got our fitness test results back from the Sports Science Institute. It felt like I was opening my Matric results. Gulp.

My colleague Dylan Muhlenburg has written extensively about our obligatory fitness test. (See below for the gory details.) A necessary benchmark, I’m sure, but nothing puts your state of being into perspective like cold calipers and cold facts. All our vital statistics were laid bare. I don’t know why, but I felt guilty, like I’d been pulled aside at customs. On the plus side, the scientist with the measuring tape was very diplomatic – if she was judging, she wasn’t showing it.

So, to the results: without boring you I scored average to above-average on most things. A relief, but the real indicators – my Body Mass Index (BMI) and Total Body Fat were a little high. Those are the figures I’m hoping to really change over the next 12 weeks. More muscle, less fat… just like the cover line says.

In truth, I was a pleasantly surprised. The numbers put me in a range that reassured me. I thought I was going to be in more trouble than that and if I wasn’t on this challenge, I might’ve been a bit more chilled.

I guess this is the attitude that has got me here in the first place. I’m not “officially” overweight, I can still fit into my jeans and my cholesterol is fine. By all accounts I’m okay for my age, height etc. But I think this is the danger zone for most of us… superficially, it all looks and feels okay, but the slide has already begun. If this sounds familiar, I suggest you make an appointment with the nice woman with the calipers.