We’ve gotten bored.

After the recent MHTeamFit Staff Challenge ended, the Men’s Heath office has gotten quiet. There have been no competitions, no water-cooler smack talk and no post-training chirps. We haven’t been competing anymore, and as a result, most of us have had no reason to put in any serious training.

But then one day one of our staff (let’s call him Ian for argument’s sake) stumbled across the Impi Challenge, and immediately he was transfixed at the greatness that flowed from his PC screen.

He gathered around the troops and started investigating the brilliance that is the Impi. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, the Impi Challenge started in 2009, and it’s not like anything you’ve tried before. This challenge isn’t about kilometer split times or lap records, it’s a 12km long trail run filled with 20 killer obstacles, ones that would scare the crap out of most rational human beings. And it was designed by an ex-SA Special Forces commander. Consider it a playground for the fit and adventurous, and it’s all taking place at the Lievland Wine Farm in Stellenbosch on 20 October 2012,

The truth? It’s going to hurt us. It’s going to bruise and batter our bodies, but we’re going to cross that finish line covered in mud and with goofy grins plastered across our faces.

It is what we were searching for. It’s made us happy again. Here are some pics to help you to get into the same mood:

The good news is that you can still enter. They’ve made another batch of tickets available for the Sunday challenge, and if you want some, check out this page.

You can enter either as an individual, or as a team. We’re bringing the heat as a team. We’ve stepped up to the plate, and now we’re keen to take on allcomers. The team:

1. Ian “The Mac Attack” McNaught Davis
2. Frank “The Tank” Hermus
3. Alistair “Mean Machine” Fester
and then lastly, myself.

James White is head coach at Roark Gyms, and he’s responsible for our training for this epic challenge, so we’ll be posting videos and training tips running up to the start of the Impi, so keep checking this blog, our Facebook feed and our website.

And even if you don’t want to compete in this crazy race, you can still come through for the party. This year’s Impi Challenge sees the introduction of the first-ever IMPI FEST, proudly sponsored by SAB and Spur, and held at Lievland Wine Estate. The FEST will kick-off at 13h00 with GoodHope FM’s Guy McDonald as MC, live bands including local chart-toppers iScream and The Chocolate Stix, DJ’s, an SAB beer tent, big screen TV’s, a food and wine village, Impi Games Kraal with obstacles for those less daring than the Impi Challengers.

IMPI FEST Tickets are on sale for R60 each, with an option to purchase a one way or return bus pass at an additional R60 or R120 to avoid dangerous driving after the festival.

Visit Impi Challenge, any New Balance store or Hudsons Burger Joint restaurant to purchase.

For more details and updates on what you can expect from the day, visit the Impi Facebook Page.