Uncle Phillip Erasmus, aka @PhilipErasmus on the Twitter and Frank Labrador on his Z-card, plays drums in a band, plays businessman over at Tommy Tucker Studio and plays the fool on Instagram. Dude would probably need to swallow his doppelgänger, Victor Matfield, if ever he wanted to make it into the Men’s Health, so I saved him the heart-burn and did an interview with the professional male model so that he can now add Men’s Health interviewee to his ever-growing list of accolades. What a guy!

Okay so, just to get things straight, you’re not Phil Erasmus the drummer for Die Heuwel’s Fantasties for this interview, but male model Frank Labrador?
That’s me.

What’s the difference between Phil Ras and Frank Lab?
Phil thinks too much, and the rejection got to him. So he asked me to step in for him for a while. I don’t really overthink things, I just do as I am told. It helps me with castings. You want me to be on an island playing beach bats with my pet monkey? I’ll do it with a Pina Colada in my pants.

Which one does your hot model girlfriend prefer sliding into bed next to every night?
I have tried to sneak into bed with her on occasion but she knows me too well for that. She can always smell the Labrador on me and I end up in the dog box. It’s a shame though, if she only knew the things I could do to her…

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Some people think you’re a bit of an attention whore. Is your flirting with being a professional male-model just a way to get more people to watch your videos?
Have you ever called your neighbours dog a whore? I have, but I felt pretty bad afterwards. But it was true. My modelling career has nothing to with Phil’s bipolar rants on Instagram. He doesn’t even let me have my own Twitter account. He’s got issues.

Is it true that you stunt-doubled Victor Matfield in those Dove ads?
Look, Victor gave me a call, he said something about “not being TV-size” and he wanted me to help out. My agent gave me the go-ahead, even though I wasn’t really going to get any credit. Then, when I rock up on set, he pretends like he doesn’t know me? If he wasn’t such a big oke, and I wasn’t crying so much, I would have told him exactly where he could put that dove. Haven’t heard anything from him since.

phillip erasmus and victor matfield

What’s the toughest part of being a male-model?
Making friends. My looks sometimes intimidate normal people, and they don’t want to get to know the REAL Frank. It even happens at castings. I try to make eye contact with the other models but they all have this far away look. Like if I spoke to them, I would be interrupting something. I have seen Colin Moss around though, jiss, that guy is my hero. My 2014 goal is to become his friend. I can’t wait for all the laughs we are going to share.

What did your mom say when she heard you’d decided to become a male-model?
She doesn’t know yet. I want it to be a surprise when I am the first guy to get featured on the cover of Glamour magazine.

How comfortable is that casting couch?
Depends on the pants you are wearing. Anything that rides up is not recommended.

There aren’t too many male-models with long hair and a mustache. Do you find that you get more or less jobs because of this?
There are certain roles that I think I’m perfect for that I have been surprised not to get. I once did casting for the role of a “happy dad”. I really thought I was going to get it so I went the extra mile. I cut moustache extra thin, slicked back my hair and even raised the pitch of my voice a semi-tone. The casting director said he liked my energy but I was “too creepy” for it. Then the next week, I get this role as a hitchhiker with a duffel bag. You never know, you know?

Who were the male-models you had stuck up on your wall when you were a boy?
My sister and I shared a room growing up and she had posters of Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street) and Brad Pitt (Legends of the Fall) on the wall. They were an inspiration to me. They had these hungry eyes that, still to this day, I imagine when I’m trying to be sexy.

Brains are important, but as a male-model what’s importanter?
I would say that back and chest are the most important. Don’t forget about legs though. They are important too. Oh ja, and face. Face is a good one.

Is the money as good as everyone says it is? What car do you drive?
The money is good but it doesn’t offer the same security as having a normal job, like being in a band. During the week I drive a Vespa but on the weekends I take ol’ Tammy Tempers (my loyal Audi TT) for a spin.

Thanks for your time, Frank. Now chillax, go unwind, you deserve it.

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