My friend Ant went from selling didgeridoos out of his shitty hatchback to building a retail empire. Then he sold up shop, Loom to the Superbalist and Paul Smith to some dude with even deeper pockets, and bought himself a boat and a small farming town somewhere near Arniston. Nowadays Ant spends all of his time either deep-sea fishing or wearing a big gold chain and making up rules for the denizens that live in his hamlet.

Ah yes, the good life.

But the world doesn’t have time to catch its breath while Ant catches fish, it moves on, and because The Superbalist isn’t a brick-and-mortar establishment the space next to Clarkes at 137 Bree Street needs to be used for something before urban-decay sets in.

(As if! Bree Street is so on the up it’s not even funny. Hells-teeth, Monocle magazine commissioned me to write about it back in 2009 already, and even The Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital is busy packing up their bedpans as developers set their sights on reappropriating the space into a mixed-use monolith.)

Anyway, I digress, that rambling preamble merely sets the scene for a new pop-up bedecked in blonde Birch-ply called: Puma Select. It’s bladdy gorgeous that wood, my frenemy Craig machines the stuff and, let me tell you, it provides the perfect backdrop, a simplistic blank canvas, for Puma’s out-there collaborations with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Miharayashuhiro, MMQ (Machts Mit Qualitat) and BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard).

(If you dig even deeper into Puma Select you’ll find the cream, which is the most exclusive Puma collaborations like Puma x Ronnie Fieg, as well as re-issues of OG silhouettes such as the Trinomic XS850.)

Now if you were lucky enough to sample The Puma Social Club in Braamfontein then you’ll know how effective the leaping cat’s hit-and-run tactic there was. Because why invest a whole lot of time and effort into something permanent when you can go in, make an impact, move some units, and then move on to the next thing before, and Cape Town is especially guilty of this, a fickle consumer base does it for you.

And hey, Joburg, stop crying already; Puma will pop-up a second Select store somewhere in Braamies in July.

So yes, pop into the Puma pop-up, which opens to the public tonight as part of the #FirstThursdays initiative, get drunk on Sunday, listen to Das Kapital’s sounds and prepare your Christmas-in-July wish-list.

I know I have.