Between our March cover guy and a hard place, that’s where I find myself. Ok, in the greater scheme of things it’s a meagre conundrum – but a conundrum nonetheless. To push myself or not to push myself? That is the question.

After my back injury in November, I was on the side lines – and I hated it. I hated every second of not being able to be in the gym, or (perhaps even more so) the football pitch. Although there has been massive progress since then, I still feel it isn’t 100% yet. With the devotion of a monk, I make at least 10 minutes available, morning and night, to apply an ice pack to my lower back. Whether that is medically significant, or simply a psychological comfort remains to be seen. But balls, I feel like it’s helping to keep my back under (my) control.

Oh yes, back to my conundrum. I have to play a balancing act between pushing myself hard, and pushing myself (or more specifically, my back) too hard. Like an amateur porn star, I’m constantly at risk of going too hard too soon.

The solution I should tell myself soon become clear, ‘Hermus, always push yourself; but push yourself intelligently’.

As my brilliant trainer Ross Church at Takedown keeps telling the group, “Form is much more important than weight.” Nowhere is this statement more pertinent than in relation to the complex and brilliant (IF DONE CORRECTLY) exercise that is… the deadlift. And although I’m currently loading the bar with just enough weight to stop it floating away, I make sure that my form is sound. As long as my form when attempting the exercise that put me on the bench is 100%, I’m satisfied. Form now, weight later.

So my mantra going forward for the next couple months of the MH Staff Challenge (#MHteamfit on the socials) is this: “Push yourself, intelligently” (write that down).

Till next time, peace out and keep the sweat pourin’!


Image: Flickr (Miles Smile)