After two great weeks’ progress, of course I went and overdid it.
I felt a slight creak in my back last week during box jumps, but it collapsed under a particularly ambitious dead lift. I felt shooting pains in my lower back and dropped the bar immediately. I swore and stretched it out but knew I’d pushed too hard. It’s a rookie error and I should have known better.
I’ve been making some nice gains and felt comfortable with the 90kg weights, but in my haste to finish the set my form went for a ball of $h*t and started using my back to lift. My core just isn’t strong enough and my back carried the full strain of the weight. I immediately phoned a chiropractor who shook his head and tut-tutted. I guess he’s heard the old “I’m been pushing some weights” scenario and I felt like right idiot.
Anyway, after a hours session and a pretty thorough assessment and adjustment he advised I rest up for the week. This is so frustrating. I woke up this morning at 6am ready to bolt for my weekly dose at Roark, but still feel a creak in the back. A few days off will be a good thing and James assures me I won’t lose any of the progress I’ve made in the last two weeks. I’ve got another session with the chiropractor on Thursday and might pop into the physio as well, just to be sure.
I can’t believe I’m obsessed. But that’s a good thing, right?