If you haven’t yet heard of a #selfie, where have you been?

Allow me to illustrate: keep your phone at (preferably) a 45° degree angle – just above your eyeline – and snap away!

Finally, upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr (or all of them, you narcissist!).

Congratulations, you’re officially a selfie!

Also, it’s a Google search away, but because we’d rather teach you to fish…

Being no #selfie expert, I don’t endeavour to school you in it. But the in-your-face hullabaloo has gotten the masses, both young and old, wallflower and flamboyant, wielding their cameras and saturating news feeds with errr… photos of them-selfies.

Wallflower? Yes, even the most reserved, camera-shy, self-conscious are posting selfies.

This begs the question: are selfies a harmless fad that can boost our self-esteem or is it slowly leading to self-obsession?

To many folk, there is power in the selfie. While your typical camera-shy guy may have low to no self-esteem, selfies empower some with selfie-esteem. That is, having confidence in how you look in your #selfies.

How exactly can selfies be empowering?

Saying “cheese!” and posing for the camera make some of us cringe, but taking one’s own photo is a whole different ballgame.

Taking a #selfie means you have complete control – of the aesthetics, the angle, your pose – without anyone watching you. Ultimately you decide how you present yourself to the world.

In related news, along came the #cockinasock selfie. That’s right; men are no longer putting a sock in it when it comes to talking about testicular cancer, but rather putting their cock into it (the sock).

These are selfies on an entirely new level, as it suggests: below the belt – so you may want to reconsider the angle for this one.

Dare I illustrate? I think not. Put a sock in it.

Most guys ask: Does Size Matter? But seemingly, some guys (even those who are self-conscious of their willy size) aren’t too concerned when it comes to stuffing their member in a sock, taking a selfie then uploading it to social networks. #Cockinasock selfies were born from men raising awareness of testicular cancer, inspired by women who did their bit with #nomakeupselfies.

Through the eyes of a sceptic however, #cockinasockselfies may just be self-serving. But who cares if it’s raising millions for charity, right?

I certainly don’t.

Hell, it’s even raising the confidence of men hung like budgies.

But as with all things in life, there’s a limit – so everything in moderation guys. We don’t want every dude to end up like Narcissus.

There’s a thin line between self-esteem and self-obsession. Careful not to cross it.

Speaking of limits, just when I thought the #selfie couldn’t be stretched any further, the #aftersexselfie started making the rounds.

Yep, post-coital selfies are now also a thing. I’m not referring to Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Everyday couples and sex partners are actually posting images of their after-sex moments.

My thoughts on this? No comment.

But then again, art is whatever you can get away with…

  • Chevon Booysen

    HAHAHA absolutely LOVE this <3 *holds phone at a 45degree angle and yells "selfie!!!!"*