I cheated at class last night. Not on purpose, but cheating is cheating. We were doing five rounds of 10x burpee box jumps and 10x front squats, and I was sharing a station, and I was using the other guy as my marker.

Somewhere during my third round burpees, my mind realised what I was doing and reminded my body that it wasn’t built for high reps of anything, forcing me into that hands-on-knees kakoff pose, and allowing my partner to lap me.

Being to tired to notice, I then continued to fumble through the rest of the workout (dropping the bar and damn near losing a hand). I stopped when he stopped, powering through the last of my burpee/box jumps with all the vigour of a paraplegic stalking a “burglar”.

On the drive home I recapped the evening and realised I only did four rounds. I’m not really bothered, to be honest. I was well beyond empty and would’ve probably just injured myself.

Many detractors see the high reps of heavy weights as crossfit’s biggest failing. It can be, but only if your trainer is an idiot. Garth and Brendon are thankfully not idiots. CrossFit DurBell’s philosophy is: “everything can be scaled” – which means everyone can compete.

If you’re just starting out, evaluating your coach is key to success. I’m not new to exercise and know the difference between an injury and general soreness, I also know when my body is telling me to stop. If you combine that knowledge with good coaching, you’ll achieve things you never thought were possible.

Last night, for instance, I did the first two sets of squats at 40kg. The bar slipped off the rack slightly after I put it back at the end of the second set. While I was doing my burpees, Brendon had set up a 30kg bar for my next set. Side note: there were 9 people in the class. Scaling it back when they could see I was struggling saved me from injury.

Getting a good workout and pushing your limits is important, but getting good coaching is even more so.

For my sins I’ve entered the open round of the CrossFit Games, where I’ll be gauging my abilities against a global leader board. I probably won’t progress beyond the bodyweight stuff, but I’m sure my coaches will help me do as much as I can.

I’ve also entered the Men’s Health Belly Off Challenge where you can track my progress, perve on my shirtless pictures, or join up and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes and cash (which you can share with me).

Follow my weightloss journey on twitter , or if you’re in the Durbanville area, join me for a workout at CrossFit DurBell .