My wedding ring fell off while I was crossing a 4-lane street in the Cape Town CBD. I managed to retrieve it, but it was a real eye-opener: the combination of “rapid” weightloss and cold weather have now conspired against the person that I used to be. I know it seems silly to use my wedding ring incident as an analogy for casting off my fat self (yes, I have just turned into your high school English teacher), but bear with me.

After 10 weeks I’m 6kg and two pants sizes down, and that’s brilliant, but it comes at a high price. I can’t wear my wedding ring until I have it sized, and I can’t have it sized or buy new clothes until I’m at my goal weight, but I don’t have a goal weight because my goal was always to lose as much as I can so that I can train for and complete the Two Oceans Half Marathon next year.

So now I’m getting noticed by the opposite sex more frequently, but without the obvious social cue on my ring finger they just think I’m an asshole for not pursuing them, or they then think themselves to be ugly trolls who shouldn’t have left the cave. I’m okay with people thinking I’m an asshole after I’ve actually done something, but not so good with the asshole assumption. I also think all women to be beautiful, with my wife and daughter hovering just above the average.

I also need to spend cash on a wardrobe refresh because hammer pants and underwear-exposing sag aren’t hip right now. Thin people problems are real, man.

As you can tell I have great difficulty in dealing with the implications of my weightloss, but can nevertheless report that all is still going swell in that department.

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