Old Spice has done it again.

Done what?

Come up with a marketing campaign that doesn’t make you carpal-tunnel your index finger while feverishly clicking the “Skip Ad” icon that pre-rolls the Gym Fails video you want to watch on YouTube.

Riffing on the massive amount of internet scams out there, the campaign has several fake sites that promote dubious items.

F’rinstance, the Push Up Muscle Shirt promises to squeeze your fat into muscles. Instantly.

So when you click the “Order Now” tab – because who couldn’t use a shirt that squeezes fat into muscle, eh? – an alarm is triggered and our shirtless hero dishes out his unique brand of guy wisdom.

Perhaps you have a friend making embarrassing life mistakes?

Then stage your own internetervention!

Hmm, I know just the guy who’d be interested in The Illegal Neck Workout Machine.