Nothing is more important for a working man than a proper pair of work boots.

But what if that man isn’t really working when he’s at work, and instead spends his day seated behind a computer, at a desk, in an office, and churning out copy and taking phone calls and pinging emails and having meetings and talking about last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones with his colleagues? (Spoiler alert: John Snow’s actually a robot and Tyrion Lannister was just kneeling this whole time!)

Well, if like me you’ve embedded yourself in the brain-economy, then you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you’re working a job that your grandpa understands.

The line between work clothes and casual clothes has become blurred, and there is now an abundance of casual styles – leisurewear, sportswear, outdoorsmanwear – all mixed with varying degrees of skill to make up the uniform of the modern workplace.

Remember, presentation counts in nearly all professional contexts, so after you’ve considered that – dress for you. Dressing for work is a highly individual act and as long as you’re not ridiculous about it – a fireman shouldn’t wear a policeman’s uniform and a plumber should always have a sag in his jeans – then even the most jaded corporate drone can inject some excitement into their day by dressing to express themselves, their physique, their personal sense of style and according to what their day will bring.

work wear

So, today is bitterly cold, my boss is still away and I have no meetings set up.

It starts with long-johns and a white long sleeve vest by Woolworths. Then it’s my Levi’s Commuter pants that I pretty much wear every other day. The Country Road shawl neck knit was a Father’s Day gift, and while it’s definitely warm enough, it won’t fight off the drizzle. Which is why I’ve added another layer – a waxed cotton jacket by adidas Originals. Mohair thermal socks from a farm-store in the Eastern Cape go on under the CAT boots and that cherry on top is a Vans knitted beanie.

I’m not smiling in the pic because I hadn’t had any coffee yet and my wife was very busy shouting at me for waking her up at the ungodly hour of 7:30am and asking her to shoot a portrait of me. Can you even imagine how good I’d look if I’d had a cup of coffee and I was smiling and I was married to a woman who was as devoted to my dressing myself in the morning as I am?

Literally. Can’t. Even. Right. Now. Literally.

Just remember that if you want to succeed in every situation, climb the corporate ladder and stand out from the sea of light blue shirts and chinos in your office, then you need to keep your office wear simple and stick to the classics.

I’ll school you in classics next week.

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