After the success of the MH 6-Pack Challenge we did last year, the editors decided it was time for the MH team to show the readers what we’re made of once again. This would’ve been more exciting if I was still in the same shape I was in when the last challenge ended. I went from 88.75kg to 79.85kg in eight weeks the last time and had a few lines that resembled a six-pack. When we took our before pics, it was like déjà vu, though it wasn’t just the thought of being half naked in the magazine that was scary this time, it was realising that I now looked and weighed the same as I did when we had our pics taken for the last challenge. I had slipped back into a wobbly wilderness.

Last year I was training and competing in sport with injuries and after all the events were over I decided to give myself a break and abstain from heavy training for a few weeks so that the tired muscles could recover. After about two or three weeks the aches and pains were gone but after two months I was still using the same excuse for not getting back to gym. I thought that because I was in great shape I was invincible and that my weight-loss would last. I thought that it would be okay to get away with a few extra slices of pizza and that my new found fitness and metabolism would just burn up the extra kilojoules. KAK. I was lying to myself. At the end of it all I was just becoming lazy and finding excuses not to train.

I eventually started training on my own to get back in shape for baseball and started dropping a few kilos, but then the holiday season came around. When all the partying, eating and drinking was over the scale rested at around 95kgs. ‘Tis was not the season to be jolly anymore. I was pissed off with the way I had let myself go after all the hard work I had put in.

I was getting back into my training routine when the planning for the next MHTeamFit Challenge started. It was the motivation I was looking for. The guys had to choose their own form of training this time and I decided to try out kettlebell training at One80 Gym. I had no idea what it entailed but was eager to try something different. My initial goal was to loose the flab and build my upper body, but it turns out I’ll be getting much more than I expected from this type of training. With kettlebell training you’re not just working the vanity muscles, you train the entire body through functional movements that strengthen the small muscle groups as well as the obvious ones that lead to improved strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, all the attributes of true fitness.

One80 has the following pay-off line, “we don’t use machines, we create them“. Sounded a bit cheesy the first time I read it, but these guys don’t mess around, all the trainers are in top form and watching them train makes you think, “I wanna be able to do that.”

Check out the video of my elite trainer, Chris Seymour, demonstrating the strength attainable through kettlebell training. The move is called the Turkish Getup. Looks easy, but I took some strain getting this move right with a 12kg kettlebell.