Yes Clinton Jurgens has his own tab on this blog, but he doesn’t really give it the attention that it deserves. If his blog were a child it would be a delinquent latchkey kid tagging trains, smoking pot and flunking high-school. If it were a Tamagotchi he’d be Guillermo Vargas to the emaciated digital pet.

And although Jurgi is quite possibly the most absent blogger here, he is easily the most committed person to take on the #MHTeamFit Challenge.

You see, even though he may neglect his blog, the guy is one hundred percent committed to a state of physical perfection.

But Jurgi wasn’t always the epitome of Men’s Health. No, he used to be a slightly goofy-looking, pot-bellied, weakling with nothing but a pair of sideburns to distinguish him in a police lineup.

Then he built himself a new body.

And unlike the other guys that I work with, who had sort of let themselves go after getting into the best shape of their lives courtesy the inaugural #MHTeamFit Challenge, Jurgi continued to put in the work until he’d developed a mighty core of Zeus, Galaxy quads, Volcano lungs and Cocaine biceps.

To get here Jurgi had to follow a rigorous training regime, eat the same sad smoked chicken breast for lunch every day, build a fort of supplements around his desk and neck so much protein that he got the gout.

But don’t feel sorry for him, because right now he’s filling out a Bintang vest in Bangkok. That is when he’s not tanning his toned torso, administering wide-ons to all the girls and making even non-ladyboy types look like limp-wristed pantywaists.

And what I respect most about Jurgi is that between doing shots in dodgy back-alleys and shuffling at the Macaroni Club, he’s still training.

Not one to rest on his latissimus dorsi, Jurgi shakes off a hangover with a cardio session on Paton beach, then orders his grasshopper grilled instead of fried.

What a guy.

Ian got it right yesterday when he said: “Hi Jurgi. Please stop doing push-ups in Southeast Asia, you’re causing multiple earthquakes and tsunamis.”