Living a healthy lifestyle is easy when you work at Men’s Health.

You’re not going to be scoffing muffins when your colleagues are snacking on trail mix, and you feel judged bringing your gatsby to a canteen table dominated by smoked chicken breasts.

But then I go home and all resistance crumbles. And this is why I’m fat.

Living with a wife and two kids means that I play dustbin after every meal, and whatever they don’t eat gets scraped down my gaping maw. And the reason why they can never finish their food is because they’re so busy filling up on crap between meals.

My daughter is going through a serious sweet-tooth phase and so she’s always squirreling away a stash of sweet-treats. My wife is even worse, forever chomping pop-corn and crisps and wasabi covered peanuts, all of which have the nutritional value of what it’s comes packaged in.

Now I’ve pleaded with both of them to stop bringing this type of thing into the house. Or to at least try and get better at hiding the stuff. But it’s no use. I always sniff it out. And once I’ve got it locked in my radar, I tell myself I won’t, that’ll I’ll just say “NO”, but I always end up getting caught in the pantry with a soup-spoon in the one hand and a transparent jar of Nutella in the other.

But at least I’m not as bad as some people out there.

Now I don’t know how I found this blog, maybe it was while suffering the meat-sweats after overdosing on bacon and googling “can you eat too much bacon”? But it’s beautiful and you must have a gander.

Featuring photos of over the top indulgent food, it’s been described as “a place where dreams become heart attacks”.

And that is what will ultimately happen if you regularly partake in culinary frankensteins like a beer mug weaved out of bacon and filled with melted cheese…

Your heart is going to go postal and take the rest of you with it.

Food for thought.