A skinny one or fat one? With stripes or spots? The crazy bright one or scary dark one? Does this match with this or maybe that? It normally takes me a good fifteen minutes each day to find the correct tie for the outfit I want it to go with. It doesn’t make it any easier that I have so many. A life-long collection. A different tie for every kind of day. Work ties, ceremonial ties, fancy ones that match your new tailored suit, old vintage ones, some for a laugh. No matter the event my tie will surely be one to stand apart from everyone else’s. Well that is the idea. I wear my ties proudly like a peacock flaring his feathers for all to see.

Ties can convey plenty more than just some fashion statement. It conveys a message:

Red ties show power in wealth, strength and passion. Blue ties are more calming and tranquil that can defuse a heated situation. Yellow ties brighten up the day for those around you. It demonstrates your radiant vitality and lets others know it too. Brown is practical and masculine; black are formal and fancy and green just screams ‘show me the money!’ They allow the outside world to see a man’s personality without even having to know him.

I could leave the house for work in the morning with a white shirt and slacks. Comfortable and casual looking. Yet as soon as I adorn a tie from the carefully kept archive that is my cupboard, I immediately look professional and snazzy. A statement of my professional intent to do business and work hard. Once you find the appropriate colour for the day it then becomes about the type of pattern the tie has to have:

Stripes are classic, conservative and playing it safe. Polka dots that vary in size and frequency show friendliness. Plaid with its eccentric multiplicity of lines of various color and size show that the wearer has different dimensions to himself. Patterns of graphic characters are quick conversation starters as they illuminate a like or interest of the wearer. Or go crazy and shock the world with an outrageous one. Make colleagues laugh at the sight of comedic artistic pleasures. Be unique from the rest. But no pattern seems to be the simplest. Solid ties show the boldness and versatile natures of men.

I wont even get started on the knot of the tie and how to tie it for the right occasion. Firstly the list is long and secondly I only know one way to tie it up. The way my father taught me when I was starting my first days of school. When I had to wear my first tie. I never knew that it would become such an addiction. During university it really became overwhelming. Tie sales and vintage shops took all my pocket money as the collection began to blossom. Soon I had more ties then any other piece of clothing. Who needed clean underwear when I had the perfect tie? Wearing them became the norm. My neck feels bear if I don’t wear one with a collared shirt. It’s like a ghost limb. It’s a part of my attire and without it I am not the person I know to be. I would miss it. I am very proud of my tie collection and every guy should at least own his own set of ties.

Ties are where fashion meets communication. Be the man you want and say it through your tie.

Think I will use the skinny black one for my date tonight. The one with the custom embroidered red hearts. She will love it!