I was pretty jealous when Ian got himself a pair of the new adiStar Ride 4 running shoes, which come complete with a mobile app called miCoach to track his distance, calories burned and even let him know when to speed up and when to slow down.

To make matters worse Ian has worn them every single day since he got them, and has even taught himself to type with his feet up on the desk so that we all bask in the glory that shod his plates of meat.

Being the sedentary type, I’d never really needed cross-trainers before, and so most of my shoes were of the sneaker variety. I had the Chucks, waffle-soled Vans, boat-shoes, Jesus sandals, Nike Dunks, Adidas Originals, Grasshopper Wallabies, veldskoen, Country Road lace-ups and even a pair of Paul Smith albino lizard skin chelsea boots.

The only shoe that I could even attempt to train in were the New Balance sneakers that I bought because I liked the colourway. These were versatile enough that I could use them whenever I wanted to walk my dog along a mountain path or join my mates for a kick-about, but they were no match for #MHTeamFit and my vigorous training regime.

And so, inspired by Ian’s fancy footwear and an Adidas all running insert that fell out of the February issue of Men’s Health magazine, I decided to invest in the Kanadia 4 TR.

These would not only allow me to take my run off the beaten path, courtesy TRAXION outsoles that conquer the type of terrain Ryan Sandes is used to, but they also came in a very provocative electric orange. Which is something to celebrate. 2012 might have under-delivered on the flying cars and meals that come in pill form, but we should be grateful that we no longer have to train in all white orthopedic looking cross-trainers.

The cushioning allows me to run for longer without the soles of my feet getting sore, I can complete the ardous PT training and not get any blisters (I never wear socks) and the added bonus is that although I’ll never have footwork fancy enough to blind my opponent, the garish orange colourway just might.

So I was really happy with my buy, until I watched the following video…

Kenny Powers for K-Swiss.


*Note: since writing this article I’ve been running exclusively in adidas Boost. In fact I have several pairs. My Kanadia’s are now strictly for the mountain and while a poor workman blames his tools, a sharp knife cuts better. I’m now cutting MUCH better. It’s all about using top gear.