Doreen Schumacher has been visiting Cape Town for a few seasons now. If you live in the village then it’s highly possible that you’ve already met her. Girl is everywhere, from the dive-bar I thought only me and my friends ever go to, to that little patch of grass at Llandudno where we congregate between surfs. Not only is she as photogenic as a Cape sunset, she’s just as likely to show up as the evening offshore is.

But it’s been a while, so I was happy to see her featured in the embedded Nike clip, and decided to immediately get hold of her on Facebook to talk workouts, selfies and picking up girls at the gym.

So Doreen, you’re a fitness model now?
Models should be fit.

Okay, so what’s your workout routine then?
10-min running, 30-min bootcamp course (similar to sweat 1000), 20-min power plate exercise 10-min TRX, 5-min stretching. I try do that every second day. Otherwise I’ll just do some yoga at home.

Nice, and do you follow any specific diet?
Usually I’d eat anything, just no bad carbs, but at the moment I´m totally into Paleo.

What changes have you noticed since you went Paleo?
I´m more active. More focused. And I never get to that food-coma point like you would after a big pasta.

In the video you girls are all wearing the latest workout gear. It’s hot. Would you agree that workout gear is getting sexier?
Yes, definitely. The stuff is designed for a super comfortable workout, but then you can also still wear it for a coffee with your friends afterwards. You can even just wear the workout gear while doing everyday things to feel sporty. And the new Nike Free’s have an even slimmer sole so it’s almost like being barefoot.

Does the hot gym-selfie have anything to do with workout gear getting sexier?
Gym selfie? To be honest I’ve never done one. But I think its about showing off – like all selfies. What’s even worse is the new skinny app I heard about that will make your selfies look skinnier.

Criminal. What should guys wear to the gym?
Nothing too short. I love those cotton jogging pants you normally wear at home. Nothing with too many logos on it. And the shirt should be appropriate. I don’t want to see your nipples. Oh, and of course I love the Nike collection…

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you at the gym?
OHHHH! He should not try.

And if you wanted to pick up a guy at the gym, how would you do it?
I would play the “little girl” and ask him for help. Works every time.

Okay, done, so when are we going to see you back here again?
January 2015. Germany is super busy and we are opening a restaurant at the moment called Parker Bowles – a German restaurant with Asian influences with all different kind of tapas, medium and family portions. You could also just order little snacks at the bar, like little Paleo pizzas. My boyfriend (who owns Berlin nightspot Prince Charles) is doing it with another partner and I´m the designer. 300sqm in Moritzplatz in a space that’s like the Woodstock Exchange.