It’s the third week of our #MHTeamFit 12 Week Challenge, and training has upped a few weight plates. My body has started its own revolt, providing it’s own version of a training hangover. Thankfully, the stiffness is short-lived, and the good news is that I’m starting to feel the positive benefits of the the training – I’m definitely feeling stronger and more flexible. Yesterday, I did sets of handstand pushups properly for my first time, and it felt great to try something new. But my smugness was short lived, as the very same workout ended off with 100 burpee and broad jump combinations. Thank you Lynda (Crossfit trainer), for bringing me back to down to Earth again.

Besides the training, Jobst, the head coach had the following sage advice for me: training is important, but it wont mean anything if you’re eating badly. So, I’ve been jotting down all the food I’ve been noshing in the last week, and then gave it to him like it was some kind of eating exam. And true to his teacher role, he circled the stuff that was good (the salads, wraps and well-balanced meals) and then told me about the stuff I needed to cut down on. The biggest offender? Grains. You see, Jobst advocates the Paleo Diet where you focus on unprocessed foods that are high in protein and natural fats. Jobst is right on the money too, as a colleague here at Men’s Health is currently writing a story on this kind of diet where you focus on higher levels of protein and good fats, and he’s got the backing and scientific input of Professor Tim Noakes. Coincidentally, Noakes has lost over 10kg following this new way of eating. So, I have now cut out the grains in my diet (said goodbye to toast, oats, cereal and sandwiches) and have added more natural, “good” fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil. Jobst also recommends doing a 30 day diet where you cut out diary too, as the goal of the diet is to find out which foods you have an intolerance so that you can adapt your eating plan to your individual genetic make-up. Like a tailor-made food plan.

The training takeaways that I’ve learnt courtesy of Jobst:

1. When shopping at a supermarket, stick mostly to the perimeter of the store, as that is where you will find all the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. All the processed rubbish is found in the middle aisles.
2. If you can’t spell the ingredients, you shouldn’t be eating those products.
3. Every single meal should have protein, vegetables and good fats in it.

If you want more info on the high-fat, high protein diets, check out our May issue.

And the last bit of big news for this week? I’ve signed up for the CrossFit Games. This is a worldwide competition where tests get sent out every Wednesday for the next five weeks. I’ll do these tests, and then get a international ranking. These tests also determine whether you get into the regional qualifiers. This video explains it better than I do.

It’s not about beating people in other countries, it’s about setting your own PBs and then working hard to break them. Reckon you can become the fittest you’ve ever been? Sign up now.