Yes, Mark Wahlberg has got quite a rig on him… And that’s not just show muscle he’s pumped up in the gorilla-pit, either. The guy can actually use it.

“I’m not as good a trainer as I am a student,” says Wahlberg, “but boxing really is the ultimate workout. I’m moving, I’m alert. Afterward I feel amazing.”

Here are Wahlberg’s tips for adopting boxing as your go-to full-body workout.

Don’t expect instant contender status
Enjoy boxing for its fitness benefits early on, and expect little else. Why? It takes a long time to get good at it, Wahlberg says. “I really feel now that for the first time, even after a year and a half concentrating on it, and training on and off for a good portion of my life, I can throw punches with power from any angle.”

Know your five
“The key for me is balance and working the throw,” says Wahlberg. “You take that from five things: the jump rope, the heavy bag, the speed bag, the double-end bag, and hitting mitts. It’s repetition, throwing constant combinations. I just step in there and do it.”

Don’t be a lazy trainee
“It’s important to become good at all five of those things,” he says. “A lot of people don’t get the hang of jumping rope or working the speed bag right away, so they don’t do either one. They’d rather hit the heavy bag, because it’s easy. But you have to do it all, or what’s the point?”

Stick with basic strategy in the ring
Save the rope-a-dope stuff and stick with simple strategies as you learn. A good basic: “Go to the body hard and force the guy to drop his hands so you can attack his head,” says Wahlberg.