Dearest Mark…

As the staff challenge nears conclusion I thought I would dedicate this post to you. I felt it would only be fair as you have been one of the main reasons that I have not neglected this challenge. If you had not crushed my spirit and tried to sabotage me with delicious chocolate ice things from Seattle Coffee Co, I would’ve just given up and accepted defeat but this challenge has changed me.

You see when you crushed my spirit you woke a part of me that I didn’t even know existed and I would like to thank you for this. While you were contemplating whether you should put your weird looking dumbbell to good use or play Fifa on your iPad, I was taking a beating. While you were chilling at home after a long days work I was giving blood and while you were dreaming of Kylie Minogue (yeah the secrets out), I was conquering mountains.

Next week when the other Men’s Health Titans run, the 2 of us will have our day and it wouldn’t matter how many times you lifted that doggy bone or how many beatings I took, all that will matter is the victory.

The Enforcer