My toes have always been too far away from me. Try as I might, I’ve just never been able to reach them. Maybe my arms are too short? Maybe my hamstrings are too tight? Maybe I was at the back of the line when God was spritzing Q20 on all of our joints?

Whatever it is, I need to keep trying to reach them in order to alleviate the regular back pain I suffer courtesy a life spent slouching in chairs. The more that I do the stretches the closer I get to touching the little piggies at the end of my feet and the less painful my back is.

This has led to me doing other stretches, not just the stretches for back-pain, and I’ve been flirting with various moves that promise to strengthen my core and protect my spine. I’m not about to admit that I’m getting into yoga, because yoga is for guys who wear their hair in top-buns and like linen pants, so I want to make it very clear that what I’m doing is stretching, not yoga.

Because yoga is about as manly as a dreamcatcher. Or at least it was. Now I see my stretching routine as a gateway to the latest yoga trend that’s even hotter than Bikram – Nude Yoga. Which might just be the Best Yoga For Men.

Take a look at photographer Peter Hegre’s nsfw pics of his wife, which are a study on the muscles that are worked by each unique position and a celebration of the female form. Clearly yoga is good for you.

Practicing yoga naked is said to free you from negative feelings about your body and allow you to be more accepting of your physical imperfections. Which is why the owner of the all-male, all-naked, yoga class, Le Male Yoga, has now opened a coed studio called Bold & Naked.

The thinking behind Nude Yoga is that it allows participants to find a deeper connection with the world around. Now it’s stated clearly on the website that Nude Yoga not about sex, although elsewhere on the site they go on to list how yoga will heat up your sex life.

BREATHING: Deep breathing releases tension and stress, which ultimately leads to a better sex life when you can let go and be in the present moment.

BLOOD FLOW: Many yoga poses increase blood flow to the pelvis. Arteries that carry blood into the genitals open and extra blood flows into the penis producing a stronger erection.

DEEP RELAXATION: Yoga reduces anxiety by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol and elevates mood, which in turn improves sexual function.

ORGASM: Yoga not only improves your staying power, but it helps lengthen and strengthen your orgasms. Kegel exercises – contraction and relaxation of the muscles that squeeze out the last drops of urine – strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH: Many yoga poses require you to support your own body weight in new ways, as a result you are getting stronger and shaping long, lean muscles. Stretching your body in new ways will help you to become more flexible and bring greater range of motion to your muscles and joints. This will enable you to try new positions with confidence and control.

SENSUALITY: On a subtle level, yoga helps develop sense awareness in your body that teaches you to savor every sensation in your body. As you learn to reel in your mind and listen, you will be more able to focus on sensations and respond to your partner, deepening your enjoyment of sex.

Otherwise just watch this video of a hot couple performing couple yoga and you’ll see why a regular stretch routine with your significant other – clothing optional – is sure to bring you closer together.

  • Nancy Akter

    Yoga moves a lot of energy throughout the body and sometimes erections happen. But once we start moving, there is no way an erection could be sustained, because of the physical nature of Vinyasa Yoga.