You should spend more on clothing.

Why? Because it will save you money.

And who doesn’t want to save money while they spend more on clothing?

Exactly, so listen up!

First, if you’re a pimply fifteen-year old then this doesn’t apply to you. You still need to make they type of fashion mistakes that are integral to growing up. Also, your body is going to go through so many changes that it’s just not worth investing in decent pieces.

However, if you’re a grown-ass man, then you need to try your utmost to stay a consistent size, which you can do by working out and eating right, both of which you’ll learn more about here. Commit to this and you can then focus on building a solid wardrobe of quality pieces, which you’ll be able to wear for the rest of your life.

But that’s only if you buy quality. How do you know what’s quality and what’s a Fong-Kong knockoff? This goes beyond labels, and is about developing a taste and eye for fine fabrics and construction. By doing this you’ll choose garments that last longer, both physically and stylistically.

Because good clothes stay in style.

With fewer mistakes in your closet, the minor errors that you do make – that stonewashed denim jacket you bought after watching a weekend’s worth of VH1 – can often be corrected by a few relatively inexpensive alterations: cut the sleeves off and make a denim vest out of it, then wear it over a white t-shirt.

You need to look at investing in your cupboard in the same way that you would invest in the stock exchange: always go for what’s solid. Once you have a handsome portfolio of every-day clothes, classics, you can begin to diversify, to experiment, to buy the drop-crotch melange tracksuit pants because they looked good on the male-model in the catalogue.

So spend as much as you can afford on your basics. Selvedge denim, leather jacket, tortoiseshell wayfarers… Classics that you’ll wear often. Only after you’ve bought yourself a sturdy work boot should you consider those alligator Chelsea boots.

Next week we’ll apply these rules to your life and build the ultimate wardrobe.

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